Trailhead is a metaphor regarding life’s journey. It is a starting point but also a destination.  We help individuals navigate the terrain of their chosen path.

Trailhead, as an organization, attempts to provide individuals with “gear” for their backpack wherever their path might take them. As a starting point, Trailhead assists individuals with basic needs such as food and shelter.

Once basic essential needs are met, Trailhead begins to focus on the next vital components of wellbeing. This may include medical health, behavioral health, and physical health.

Throughout this process the individual’s unique needs are assessed to determine what areas in the person’s life may be stalling their progress toward a more meaningful and fulfilled life. All too often these areas include substance use, spiritual needs, lack of education, little or no job training, troubled relationships, personality and/or behavioral issues.

As a destination, Trailhead is a journey’s end where the individual begins to live an empowered life and helps others find their path.