In a recently recorded video, Dr. Becky Love speaks to the importance of establishing a permanent shelter for homeless men in Shelby allowing them space to not only escape the elements but also heal from trauma. Programs currently in place to connect unhoused men with medical, behavioral and mental health resources cannot continue without a facility. The men are in danger of being back on the streets after funding ends on April 7, closing the doors of a temporary emergency shelter that was opened mid-winter on Washington Street.

Several of the men speak about the positive role the shelter and its staff have played recently in their lives, where they would be without it, and how their lives are being transformed.

The video is a call to action to the community asking them to invest in members of society that are vulnerable and in need of a helping hand. As one of the shelter residents said, he was at rock bottom when he arrived, but was shown that he was worthy of hope and assistance.

Written by Becca Sitzes

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